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Monday, April 30, 2012

Miscarriage #8

Everything was fine so I went shopping and while tryin on clothes I felt a small gush so I left to chk n the bathroom and sure enough had a small amt of blood. I thought ok not to panic theres only a lil and theres no cramping so im ok. I continue to try on clothes and left to eat came home cleaned the room and sat to watch t.v... there was no more bleeding. Then out of no where more blood and then cramping. I was sad, I knew what was happening and I just sat there I had already placed a pad just in case so I went to take an ibuprofen and sat back dwn. I told DH what happened and he just looked dwn and didnt say anything. Later he said its ok we knw this was a risk so will just try again and gv me a hug, and I finally cried. I hurts so much that I cant carry a baby to term. I looked into maybe shrinking the fibroids myself and I basiclly hv to go on a diet. I hv to stop eating certain foods and mk diffrent choices so Im gonna try it and see if maybe it makes a diffrence on the fibroids and see if maybe baby is able to survive better. I just figure these fibroids are taking all the blood supply and baby might even be tryin to attach to one instead of the lining I dont know I just knw I hv to try something diffrent.

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